Stressed about switching? Don't worry, we've got you.

You're not alone. We have the experts in-house to make switching to Absorb LMS straightforward and stress-free. From data migration templates, to implementation specialists, to a team of client-side developers, we've got our bases covered. It doesn't matter which LMS you're coming from, we've helped others switch from that platform.

"Implementing a new LMS is never easy, but Absorb made it as seamless as possible."

--Christi Moot, Head of Training

How Absorb LMS can help

Absorb LMS leverages the power of technology to provide best-of-breed software for managing and deploying your online learning and ILT objectives. Our focus is on continually advancing what the best LMS experience is for Administrators and Learners alike.

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Switching from open source to Absorb

Open source LMS solutions are often selected because they're seen as being low-cost and flexible. Sounds great, right? Well, that's often not the case. Factor in the cost of consultants and developers to utilize that "flexibility" and the effort of maintaining a customized platform in an ever changing online environment and an open-source LMS often ends up being a significantly greater investment of resources and a commercial off-the-shelf solution.

See how COLA switched from open-source to Absorb

Migrating your Course and User Data

No matter what LMS you're using now, we've made switching easy. We'll help you migrate your SCORM, xAPI, AICC, other online courses, learners, and associated data to get you and your team up and running in Absorb LMS quickly.

We can integrate with your tech eco-system

We live in a world where information flows between applications. Rare are organizations with all their data in discrete silos. Learning data should not be the exception. Here are some of the common ways Absorb LMS can integrate with the tools you already use.

Common Absorb LMS Integrations

"Last year we were exploring various LMS options. It was confusing, but the Absorb team gave us spent a lot of time helping us understand how the system could work for us. I really appreciated this as, relatively speaking, we would not be a very big client for them."

--Sarah Marr, PREM Group

"We were making the transition from an existing LMS to a new one, and after going to market, chose Absorb as our new partner. From day 1, it has been great working with their team. They delivered an excellent product with a learner interface branded to fit our organization perfectly. We needed to decide whether or not to migrate our existing user data, and Absorb's team provided lots of information on the pros and cons to both migrating and starting fresh."

--Louise Newall, A&W Food Services of Canada